Afemai School of Fashion runs a two year diploma programme.

Each year is divided into two sessions in a year.

The school calendar usually begins in January and ends by December.

The students are categorized into four different units the first stage is the beginners, the intermediate, semifinal year students and the final year students.

The school also runs special pogrammes for individuals that might want a lesser period of time which could be 6 months or 1 year programme.Such individual are usually more engaged to be able to cover the syllabus. In this view students can enroll at any time of the year.

Afemai Fashions Usually Graduates Students at the end of the year.


There are different courses offered in this school which include:

1. English (interaction).

2. Dress making.

3. Tie and Dye.

4. Embroidery.

5. Patterns& Design.

6. Wedding Gown &Bridal Gowns

7. Knitting.

8. Toy Making.

9. Children’s Wears.

10. Women’s Wears (African, Cooperates &Casual).

11. Men’s Wears (African, Cooperate& Casual).


In Afemai School of Fashion the standard period for covering all courses is 2 years or 1 year.

It is only exceptional for certain students who tend to spend lesser time and thus are given a rush programme.



Interested individuals that wish to again admission into Afemai School of Fashion can come directly to our office No.195, Ugbowo Lagos Rd., Benin City, or email us at Afemai Or Call 08033581493,   08064911377.